Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers

Celebrating 20 Years!

About Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers

What is SDH?

   SDH is an all-volunteer home education network serving homeschoolers throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona. We were founded in January of 1999 by a group of committed parents. We have families of all different homeschooling philosophies, and we like it that way! Some families choose a curriculum based model and others choose unschooling as their model, as well as everything in between. The journey away from schooling is vast, and we know that people's methods change as time goes on.  In SDH, we believe that our similarities far outweigh our differences, and we choose to support each other in the fact that we have all walked away from mainstream schooling.


  The backbone of our organization is our weekly Park Day, which is held on Tuesdays at either Brandi Fenton, McCormic, Rio Vista, La Madera or Ft. Lowerll Parks from mid-August through May. Park Day provides families with a chance to get to know each other in a casual way - trading tips, sharing food, and allowing for hours of unstructured play time for the children and oftentimes much needed adult conversation for the parents.  Many families schedule their plans around Park Day, and many children say it is the highlight of their week.

   Depending on the year, SDH has had recurring scheduled activities, such as Trampoline Day, Parents' Night Out, Archery Club, Survival Skills Club, Horseback Riding Camp and Minecraft Club.  We also have field trips such as tours of Old Tucson, the Tucson Botanical Gardens, Sleeping Frog Farms and the Tucson Children's Museum.  We regularly reserve group tickets for live theater events around town such as Shrek, Oliver, and the Nutcracker, many of which star members of SDH.  Many families also organize classes or events for the whole group when their child is interested in something in particular, such as Japanese lessons, tours of the U of A science labs, camping trips and drama classes.

Why Join SDH?   

   By joining Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers you will become part of a diverse and supportive group as you travel on your homeschooling adventure.  You will be included in our group of currently over 100 families of all ages, sizes and philosophical bents. Once you join SDH you will be included in our Facebook group, where the majority of our communication happens. It is private, and is only available to people who have met us in person at a park day. We valued our privacy, and that of our children. Our FB group is incredibly active and has many discussions, resources, and events that are active every single day on FB. By joining SDH you  will get to participate in and/or help organize SDH group activities for both you and your child and other SDH families. We are a dynamic, inclusive group, and we are always excited to welcome new members.

How To Join SDH?

   To join, come to Park Day on any Tuesday -  you can submit the membership form plus the fee (cash only) to a Newcomer Liason or to the Treasurer.  It only costs $10.00 per year to join! And we have scholarships available for those who need them.

More Questions?  

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